Sunday, October 02, 2011

Last Weekend's Car Show in Henderson, NV

I normally leave the car show postings to Just a Car Guy, where Jesse's photography skills are vastly superior to mine (seriously - the guy wins awards for his blog), but since there has been a dearth of posts here lately due to infernal machine problems, I felt that I should get something up. So here's my first car show post (all pictures in this post by me).
HCS 01
It was held September 23 - 25, 2011.

HCS 02

HCS 03
My wife doesn't share my affinity for 1959-60 El Caminos, otherwise one would be sitting in my driveway. I particularly like the 1959 version, so naturally these two are from 1960.

HCS 04

HCS 05

HCS 06

HCS 07
I detect a theme with these four, even though the closest ocean beach is a good five hour drive away.

HCS 08

HCS 09
I didn't notice the images in the flames at first.

HCS 10
The motif is continued under the hood via engraving.

HCS 11
What's this? A VW Bug with a gas tank in the engine compartment?

HCS 12
And what's that in the luggage compartment?

HCS 13
A Chevy four cylinder.

HCS 14
A nice Squarebird.

HCS 15
This Roundbird was customized into a true roadster - no windows except for the windshield.

HCS 16
I didn't expect to see this - it took me back to when I spent most of the late '70s behind the wheel of a '72 Commando.

HCS 17

HCS 18
Nice touch.

HCS 19
The most customized Willys I've ever seen.

HCS 20
The Willy's engine...

HCS 21
...and bed

HCS 22
Cute restoration by a member of a local lowrider club.

HCS 23
Now I know how I'm getting around when these knees finally give out.

HCS 24
Mostly unrestored. Maybe we should give it to...

HCS 25
...these guys. The restoration company on the History Channel's American Restoration.

HCS 26
That's the owner's (Rick Dale) son Tyler Dale, being teased by his uncle Ron Dale.

HCS 27
I also have a softspot for '50s GM station wagons. This Buick was particularly nice.

HCS 28

HCS 29

HCS 30

HCS 31
This had a modern Toyota engine in it.

HCS 32
When was the last time you saw a Matador this clean outside of an Adam-12 rerun?

HCS 33

HCS 34

HCS 35
In 1969 my sister was given a beige Chrysler version of this to drive to school. She was too embarrassed to drive it and it was swapped for a gold 4-door 1963 Studebaker Lark, with a Rambler engine. Sure would like to have that Chrysler today.

HCS 36g
I was a freshman in high school when I saw my first one of these - driven by a cheerleader no less (alas, Chris North was a senior). I always thought that someone should customize one and here 42 years later someone did.

HCS 37

HCS 38

HCS 39

HCS 40
Did you guess correctly?

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